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Strong Authentication/Risk Authentication Admin console is not coming up after Java Upgrade


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CA Advanced Authentication CA Strong Authentication CA Risk Authentication


After upgrading the JAVA version to latest version the CA AuthMinder / CA Strong Authentication Admin console does not come up.


Release: 9.x
Component: Strong Authentication

Risk Authentication


CA AuthMinder / CA Strong Authentication Admin console uses and arcot-crypto-util.jar files to read the contents of the securestore.enc file which is used for database connectivity purpose. These files are placed at a specified location in JAVA directory. Once JAVA is upgraded these files are not found which results in to Admin console error. Below is the error message observed in the arcotadmin.log file

2015-12-29 11:52:47,338 EST : [localhost-startStop-1] : FATAL : web.init.ArcotAdminInitServlet : [N/A] : [N/A] : [N/A] : [Arcot Admin Console] : [Admin Console] : [N/A] : Application initialization failed, com/arcot/crypto/api/AccessKey
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/arcot/crypto/api/AccessKey
at com.arcot.crypto.impl.DBUtilSoftwareCrypter.<init>(


To address the issue, please follow the below steps -

Copy Database Access Files to Application Server
UDS and Administration Console use the following files to access the CA Strong Authentication database securely: 
arcot-crypto-util.jar available at: 
<install_location>\Arcot Systems\java\lib\ 
ArcotAccessKeyProvider.dll available at: 
<install_location>\Arcot Systems\native\win\<32bit-or-64bit>\ 
Copy these files to the appropriate location on the application server where you have deployed the CA Risk Authentication components. The following subsections provide information about copying these files for: 
Apache Tomcat :
Follow these steps: 

  • Copy arcot-crypto-util.jar to <Tomcat_JAVA_HOME>\jre\lib\ext\. 
  • Copy ArcotAccessKeyProvider.dll to <Tomcat_JAVA_HOME>\jre\bin\.
  • Restart the application server.

Note : <Tomcat_JAVA_HOME> Specifies the JAVA_HOME used by your Apache Tomcat instance. 

Additional Information

For any other Application server please refer this document How to Prepare the Application Server for Strong Authentication