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How can we set identical user preferences for all users in Enterprise for BI Launchpad and Central Management Console in BI 4.0 ?


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How can we set identical user preferences for all users in Enterprise for BI Launchpad and Central Management Console (CMC) in CABI 4.x ?

The requirement here is to change the Preferences of all the Users of a group based on a Single user's preferences.



CABI 4.0 / CABI 4.1 / CABI 4.2



The steps to change the preferences is as follows:

Please take a Backup of the CMS database before running this script.


1. Extract the files from the ZIP files, mentioned in the attachment.

2. There would be two files logon.jsp and setGroupPreferences.jsp.

3. Place these files in the following Directory in CABI 4.x Environment:

%Install Directory%\Sap BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\AdminTools

and the URL that we would use would be


4. Ensure that in step 3, the Localhost is replaced with the Hostname of the CABI Server (In case of a distributed Environment, we would use the Tomcat Server's Hostname) and the port number with the appropriate Tomcat port numbers, if it is not on a Localhost or the default port of 8080.

5. Enter the CMS name, User name for Logon (Administrator is recommended), Password, Authentication type, User to copy the preferences from and group to apply the Preferences to (Eg. Everyone).

6. Hit Run.


After that, the preferences would be changed globally for all the users specified in the group.


Note: If the group name contains multiple bytes character such as Japanese, it should add the following code in the top line of setGroupPreferences.jsp.


<%@pagelanguage="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %>


And the following code should be added in the beginning of process in the setGroupPreferences.jsp.




Additional Information:

The SAP Note can be downloaded from here.

The most recent documentation can be also consulted directly at the SAP Note link below (for this you must have an account created at SAP portal, otherwise you should register for a new account at SAP or contact CA Support):

1659566 - How to Apply Referencies to All User Accounts in BI 4.0


There is also a CA community discussion raised about this topic for the CA PPM group:

How to [CABI] - Change InfoView Preferences for ALL USERS




Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License

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