How to Enable/Disable Trace on dxserver (DSA) ?
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How to Enable/Disable Trace on dxserver (DSA) ?


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Issue : 


Some log files located on C:\Program files\CA\Directory\dxserver\logs are growing up without control and it is filling the disk capacity.



Windows 2008






Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


DSA trace was enabled to grab error and warn messages . That is using hardrive space.


Disable Trace on dxserver DSA.

  1. Edit the *dsaname.dxc file under DXHOME/config/knowledge folder to confirm the DSA Console is Enabled and to identify which telnet port is being used.

you should see something like:

console_port = 20393

Note : The port # with telnet command is the <console_port> not the <tcp_port>

However, if you see the lines commented like following :

#   console-port  = 20393

#   console-password  = "{encoding-method}password-hash"

The above means you need to follow the instructions mentioned on the same file :

To enable the console port, use the 'dxpassword' utility to generate the password-hash and enter it below, un-commenting

both console-port and console-password lines.

#   console-port  = 20393

#   console-password  = "{encoding-method}password-hash"


How to Proceed in case you need to enable the DSA Console :

  1. a) from Command Prompt run :

     C:\Users\Administrator>dxpassword samplepassword


 Where : samplepassword, is the password example , you can choose your own to access DSA Console.

{SHA}XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX= , is the output of the hash value for "samplepassword" after you run the dxpassword command.


  1. b) you need to copy the hash password to *router.dxc file under DXHOME/config/knowledge folder

     and will looks like following :

      console-port  = 20393

     console-password  = "{{SHA}XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX="


  1. c)  save the file
  2. d) stop and start the dxservers services by running from command prompt :

       dxserver stop all 

       dxserver start all


  1. To access the DSA Console , from cmd execute :

    telnet localhost 20393

    and you will see the prompt :

    DSA Management Console

   Please type your password

   *** please enter the password , on this example : samplepassword


You Will See :  Welcome to the DSA Management Console 


at dsa prompt write the following :

dsa> get trace;

 you will See something like this :

 trace = error, warn



  1. If you want to stop it completely, you can do :

set trace=none;

 else you can use :

 set trace=error;

  1. This will be effective in real time without bringing down the DSA.

   Once done you can simply close that window and disconnect with


 Complete Command Example :

 Welcome to the DSA Management Console

dsa> get trace;

trace = error

dsa> logout;


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