Bulk loader Feed was working properly but suddenly start failing. ERROR [im.feeder] com.ca.identitymanager.feeder.util.FeederSearchException: Object not found.
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Bulk loader Feed was working properly but suddenly start failing. ERROR [im.feeder] com.ca.identitymanager.feeder.util.FeederSearchException: Object not found.


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Problem : 

The Bulk Load Client, which was working properly, has suddenly stopped submitting requests and is returning the following error in the log: 


13:04:39,613 WARN [im.feeder] FeedObjectEvent: Going to use configured number of worker threads: 30 

13:04:39,697 WARN [im.feeder] FeedObjectEvent: Starting wait for worker threads to complete 

13:04:40,112 ERROR [im.feeder] com.ca.identitymanager.feeder.util.FeederSearchException: 

Object not found. 


13:04:40,236 ERROR [ims.tmt.submit.validation.blth] Exception in BLTH handleTask: 


at com.ca.identitymanager.feeder.adapter.BLTHAnalyticsForBulkLoader.handleValidation(BLTHAnalyticsForBulkLoader.java:109) 

at com.netegrity.ims.businessprocess.BLTHTaskHandler.handleTask(BLTHTaskHandler.java:167) 

at com.netegrity.ims.businessprocess.BLTHTaskHandler.handleTask(BLTHTaskHandler.java:120) 

at com.netegrity.ims.businessprocess.TaskServiceImpl.validateSubmit(TaskServiceImpl.java:1281) 

at com.netegrity.ims.businessprocess.TaskServiceImpl.submit(TaskServiceImpl.java:342) 

at com.netegrity.ims.businessprocess.TaskServiceImpl.submitNoWait(TaskServiceImpl.java:319) 

at com.ca.identitymanager.feeder.event.FeedObjectsEvent$MyBulkWorkerThread.run(FeedObjectsEvent.java:179) 

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:895) 

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:918) 

at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662) 

13:04:40,242 ERROR [im.feeder] com.netegrity.ims.exception.IMSException: 



13:04:40,242 WARN [im.feeder] FeedObjectEvent: All worker threads completed execution normally after 0 seconds, number of failed submissions is 2 

13:04:40,244 WARN [im.feeder] FeedObjectEvent: Finished submitting tasks; time taken: 631 

<Apr 12, 2016 1:05:07 PM CDT> <Warning> <Socket> <BEA-000449> <Closing socket as no data read from it on,776 during the configured idle timeout of 5 secs> 



Found on Procut version: Im 12.6Sp5

Operating System: IDM in Linux and Provisioning Compoenet in Windows


Application Server version: Weblogin 12c

*IM with Governance Minder along with Smart Provisioning feature turned on.



1. On the CreateUser admin task in IM, add the provisioning role tab to the task. 

This occurred because Smart Provisioning was recently enabled, and a customized version of a Create User task was in use that did not have a Provisioning Roles tab. If an environment is configured with Smart Provisioning and also enabled for Provisioning, and the Bulk Loader is used to generate a user task with action of create or modify with a task where the Provisioning Roles tab is missing, the error occurs. With Smart Provisioning enabled, the Analytics BLTH is triggered and that BLTH looks for the Provisioning Roles tab, generating an error if it is not found. After adding the Provisioning Roles tab to your task, the Bulk Loader could successfully submit requests. 



Component: SGRM