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Datamaker: Making seed data visible to all projects


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



This article discusses how to make seed data that is created in Datamaker visible to all projects versus only the project or context it was created for.


In Datamaker, when we create a seed list from "Tools" -> "Maintain Seed Data", we are not able to access the seed list from a different project. How do we make the seed data available to all the Datamaker projects?


TDM 3.1, 3.2, 3.5


When a seed table is generated, it will only be seen in the project context it was created under. 

However it is possible to make it visible to all projects.

For example I create a seed table called SeedA.

Run the following SQL query against the Test Data Repository: 

select * from gtrep_reference_data where rd_ref_id = 'SeedA' 


You will notice that rd_proj_id contains a reference to the project under which the seed table was created. Let’s say the value is XYZ.

You need to run the following query to make the seed table visible to all projects: 

update gtrep_reference_data set rd_proj_id = 0 where rd_proj_id='XYZ';


This will ensure that the seed data category is visible to all Datamaker projects.


Component: ITKOGT