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How come Newly created Configuration Policies are not being applied to all the Agents ?


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CA Client Automation


How come newly created Configuration Policies are not being applied to all the Agents ?


CA Client Automation - All Versions 




CA Client Automation uses Configuration Policies to change the way the program operates.

They can be applied Environment wide,  to just one Domain Manager, or to a Group or even to a single machine.

They can be created at the Enterprise Manager, where they will get replicated down to the Domain Managers or

directly on a Domain Manager.


When a Configuration Policy gets sealed it will get applied to all machines in it's scope.

If you look in DSM Explorer >Control Panel > Configuration > Configuration Jobs

If for some reason the machines are not contactable the Configuration Job 

for that agent can be left in an ERROR state.


If there are too many agents left in an ERROR state it can keep new Configuration Policies from being Applied.

All you need to do is too delete the Configuration Jobs and that will allow the Configuration Policies to get Applied.


Additional Information

If there are no Configuration Jobs and only a few agents are not getting the configuration jobs,

you can try the following article:

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