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JCS running but not handling requests


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You are receiving an error message similar to this one "Error occurs when attempting to connect to an endpoint:ETA_E_0019<RDI>, MS SQL Endpoint ... read failed: Unable to connect to Connector Server:". Netstat does not show 20411 as a listening port. You also can't access the IAM Connector Server UI on HTTP://JCS_HOST:20080/main





There are broken or corrupt files inside your Java Connector Server.


Component: IDMGR


If you can't access that site please attempt the following. 

1) Stop the Java Connector Server service 

2) Create a backup folder under ..\Connector Server\Data\ and move the following folders into it: 

..\Connector Server\Data\activemq 

..\Connector Server\data\cache 

..\Connector Server\data\derby 

..\Connector Server\data\port 

3) Create a backup folder under ..\Connector Server\jcs\data\jdbm\ and move the following folders into it: 

..\Connector Server\jcs\data\jdbm\etasa 

..\Connector Server\jcs\data\jdbm\SA Configuration 


** The purpose of moving the contents into the backup folder is to ensure the folders listed in steps 2 and 3 are empty so that all the files are recreated on restart.

4) Restart the Java Connector Server service (this will also recreate all of the above moved folders which will rebuild the filesystem DBs in use). 

5) Once the JCS is fully up try to access the IAM Connector Server UI again 

6) If you have any custom OSGi bundles that were previously deployed you can re-deploy them 

7) Retest access of the endpoints from the Provisioning Manager