How can I delete AE Alarms other than the via the WCC interface?
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How can I delete AE Alarms other than the via the WCC interface?


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On occasion, you may need to mass delete AE Alarms other than via the WCC interface.
This may be because some old Alarms don’t appear in WCC, or you simply need a practical way to mass delete alarms outside of WCC.


How can I delete AE Alarms outside of WCC interface?


You can delete AE alarms directly in the AE database. Alarms are stored in the ujo_alarm table.

To delete all alarms you can truncate the ujo_alarm table. This will remove all rows and therefore delete all the alarms.

If you wish to delete alarms older than a certain number of days, you can do the following:

Each row in the ujo_alarm table includes an ALARM_TIME column. The value in this column is written in UNIX/POSIX time. If you run the ‘time0’ command on the AE command line, you will get the current time.

CAUAJM_I_50096 Current AutoTime(internal): 1461233487

You can run the time0 command to get the UNIX time value for a particular date using ‘time0 –T MM/DD/YYYY’.

time0 -T 03/21/2016
CAUAJM_I_50099 Autotime(internal): 1458543600

Once you have the UNIX time value you want, you can use this to delete alarms from the ujo_alarm table older than that date.

delete from ujo_alarm where alarm_time<1458543600;


Once these rows have been deleted, the alarms will have been removed completely.


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option