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When performing 'Upgrade CA RS Level' in a CSI with Groupextend and without Offline checked why does it fail with the message: A product or release for FMID (fmid) was not found in the software catalog. The maintenance cannot be applied to the product?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



Applying CA RS with GroupExtend checked and Offline not checked and with certain correlating products hidden, the apply fails with: A product or release for

FMID (fmid) was not found in the software catalog. The maintenance can't be applied to the product.


For the GroupExtend  mode, CSM will apply all the PTFs being identified by CARS xxxx plus all their requisites(sup and resolvers).  In a case where PTFs are not in the

Software Catalog CSM will download all missing requisites from CA Support Online. When products are hidden that include a common FMID (eg. CC2D66H) CSM can not

identify the product to associate the given ptf when storing it internally. From CSM's perspective, this FMID is shared among the product's family, so hiding product(s)

that comprise this family impacts processing when attempting to find which product (and FMID) to associate the requisite ptf.

By design, stating 'Offline' or not specifying 'Groupextend' installation of only ptfs specific to the CA RS xxxx, will prove successful.


Component: MSM