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DevTest Server: Whoa there. Big INBOUND message


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Logs are turning over quickly with the following message.


2016-04-01 21:16:22,397Z (14:16) [qtp1002699997-9880] WARN - Whoa there. Big INBOUND message, 1392732 bytes: ActiveMQObjectMessage {commandId = 155388…, 




All supported DevTest environments.


This is triggered when a message is being between DevTest components.  Typically, it’s from the system trying to process a request or response that is over 128K in size will cause this message to happen.   Depending on the volume and messages your system is processing, this could cause this message to be thrown in your log file continuously


  1. Add the following line to your  (appx line 38)

  1. Restart your DevTest components.

 At this point, this message will no longer appear in your log files.  You should also be aware if you are producing large requests and responses in your system, that your environment is sized correctly to handle the load you are generating.



Additional Information

So when this message happens, it most likely a test failure or something that is trying to be captured in reporting (like Request / Responses from a test), or if passing large records from a global data set.

An issue is not expected if a couple of these messages come in, but if there are maybe 46 coming in a second,  then it I would be expected it to hamper performance on the load generation side,  just to log the warnings.

There is no limit to the size of the message, but when you do see the message, you should verify that a massive amount of failures are not happening on the load test and not passing really large records in a global dataset or collecting large request/response pairs. 

These messages are not just triggered by large requests and responses in a test.  It’s any time when a large amount of data is being passed by the Coordinator server,  including the generation of the error report for a test execution.