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How can CA Mainframe Application Tuner (CA MAT) be integrated with CA SYSVIEW?


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Mainframe Application Tuner



We have both CA Mainframe Application Tuner (CA MAT) and CA SYSVIEW and would like to invoke CA MAT directly from CA SYSVIEW.


What are the steps to invoke CA MAT from CA SYSVIEW?


CA Mainframe Application Tuner (CA MAT) 10.0 – 11.0

CA SYSVIEW  14.0 - 14.1


  • CA MAT can be invoked from CA SYSVIEW using the MAT line command.  This command is available only from the ACTIVITY, CTASK and IMSREGNS display for an immediate request.
  • MAT command invokes the CLIST CAMAT.
  • The SYSVIEW CLIST library SYSVIEW.CNM4BCLS(CAMAT) contains the called CLIST which invokes CA MAT.
  • Parameter 1 to the clist is the input parms to the CAMAT call.
  • You need to update the data set name in the XTSO call to reflect the data set of your CA MAT load library.
  • Update the "subsys" parameter to point to your CA MAT subsystem.

Additional Information:

Help for ACTIVITY, CTASK and IMSREGNS commands in CA SYSVIEW show details about MAT Line Command.


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