When printing from IBM CICS, how to have files in CA Spool get the requestor user id as the owner?
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When printing from IBM CICS, how to have files in CA Spool get the requestor user id as the owner?


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We have a CICS transaction that creates files for CA Spool. With the current settings the «OWNER» field of the files is the user name of the CICS task.

The security admin wants to see the value of the USERID (user, who executed the transaction) in the «OWNER» field. How can this be done? 







Release: 12.0 14.0


CICS interface not implemented


For Spool 14.0, to have the correct CICS userid as the owner of the files execute the following steps:

1) Include the following parameter in the ESFPARM:


2) Issue the command:


where "caspoolstc" is  the name of the Spool started task

3) Recycle the Spool started task

For previous releases (12.0 or lower):

1) If it has not run yet, you first need to tailor and submit sample JCL member BQ4JIUCL*.

2) Next tailor and run sample JCL BQ4JCICS* to re-assemble program ESFUSS and activate the CICS interface. 

When you run this job review the output produced and look for all the assemblies and linkedits of the CA Spool programs.

If you only see macro $ESFCICS was updated and no assemblies nor linkedit have been done, then you need to

tailor and run sample JCL BQ4JCICS*as explained in step 1.

 3) Issue the CA Spool command /REINIT,MODULES,ON and then proceed to perform a WARM restart of the main CA Spool Address Space.

*Sample JCLs BQ4JIUCL and BQ4JCICS are found in the CBQ4JCL library.


Additional Information

SUBSAPI parameter (new in release 14.0):


If the problem is wrong userid on the Spool menu under CICS, see the following article: