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Client Automation - What do I do if my MDB Server is running out of room?


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What do I do if my MDB Server is running out of room ?


Figure out which tables are using the most data :

      4 of the Tables that can get really big are :

      ca_query_pre_results           -  There is a Testfix that resolves this issue.

      ca_replication_history          -  This can happen if Replication is enabled, but you are not running the Replication Engine task.

      ca_synchronization_history  - This can happen if SQL Bridge is enabled, but you are not running the SQL Bridge Engine task.

      audithis                                 -  This table is used to store Software Usage data


There are SQL queries that list tables of a Database by Size, use Google to find them. 


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Shrink the Transaction Logs

Stop CAF and make a backup of the Database: mdb

Go to SQL then to the mdb

Right-click on mdb -> Select Tasks -> Shrink -> Files           


Change Files Type to Log and Hit OK


You might have a lot of Old Reporter Data:

 Go into Reporter and Delete old Reports or keep the Report and just delete old Report Results that have been created.