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Cannot get into an Endevor Environment due to an IBM error message on a VSAM file


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When attempting to access an environment within Endevor one can received an IBM message IEC161I 074-053 on a base or delta VSAM ELIB and not be able to gain access to that environment. 


The IEC161I 074-053 is issued by the system due to a IBM problem.  The best way to resolved this problem is to use the Endevor utility BC1PNCPY to copy the contents of the ELIB in error to new ELIB or PDSE file. Once the BC1PNCPY job has completed the corrupted library needs to be rename and the newly created ELIB name to what the former file was. 

If the BC1PNCPY job was not successful one will need to recover the latest backup of the BASE/DELTA and MCF files.  At this point it is recommend to call Endevor support for assistance in this recovery effort. 


Component: ENDBAS