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How do I force the CAPC context launch in Spectrum to use a FQDN for the CAPC host?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


For the Spectrum/CA Performance Center integration, is there a way we can use a FQDN instead of the IP Address in the context launch?


Release: Any version of Spectrum integrated with CA Performance Center


The IP address is an attribute to the integration model in Spectrum.  You can update this attribute to the host name for all instances of the model in Spectrum then the integration will use that name instead.
  1.      In OneClick, click on the Locater tab.
  2.      Select the Application Models Group.
  3.      Double click on the All Application Models search.
  4.      Filter for the NetqosIntegrationManager model.
  5.      In Component Detail, click on the Attributes tab.
  6.      Filter for the CAPC_URL_Prefix
  7.      This should have the IP listed.  Change it to your CAPC Hostname.

This can be done for each model of this type.

Additional Information

Note: The CAPC_URL_Prefix (0x5c40005) attribute will be overridden by the value set in CA Performance Center Web Site Host option at any Spectrum data source synchronization.
The drill-down URL is based off the Remote Value settings for Web Site Host/Scheme/Port values synced to Spectrum from CA Performance  Center.

Review the following KB article: