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CA IT Asset Manager: Differences between using the Registration Service vs. real time CORA settings


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There are two methods for asset registration within the CA Asset Portfolio Management (APM) product:  the Registration service or realtime CORA.

We recommend choosing ONE method, and not switching between methods.  The default out of the box configuration settings are set to use the Registration service, which is the HIGHLY recommended method for asset registration.  


Using the Registration service method  

The registration service runs continuously, and periodically calls the CORA utility to register assets that have not already been registered. 
With the registration service method, duplicate assets may enter into the system, through manual data entry or the data importer. 
This is fine, as the registration service will log the duplicate asset(s) and they will remain unregistered.  You can review the registration service logs to identify the duplicate assets that have not been registered, then make corrections to the assets to provide uniqueness so they will register. 


Using the realtime CORA method  

When assets are entered into the system through manual data entry or from the data importer, CORA is called immediately to check for a duplicate.  An error occurs immediately if the asset is a duplicate and the asset is not created or updated.

 Large data imports do not work well with the real time CORA method and can seriously impact import performance.

The Registration Service was created due to this performance issue with CORA and large data loads.  The more assets you add, the longer CORA takes to register the assets, as CORA would need to check every asset in the repository for a possible match to determine asset uniqueness. 

When performing large data loads, or when integrated with SAM, using the registration service will add the assets and register them at a later time, in the background.  This is why using the registration service is the preferred method. 

To view or change the CORA settings, navigate to the Administration tab -> System Configuration -> CORA

The Registration service settings are:  False, True, True, False (where checked = True)

<Please see attached file for image>




The realtime CORA settings are: True, True, False, False

(Common) Enable CORA: True

(Common) Enable CORA Id Generation: True

(Registration Service) Enable Cora: False


(Registration Service) Enable CORA Id Generation: False






Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration


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