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How to exclude some IP's from ENC IP range in order to avoid Deployment errors ?


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How to exclude some IP's from ENC IP range in order to avoid Deployment errors ?

Example :

The IP range of the network ENC is this:




IP range to exclude are these: 172.28.xx.128, 172.28.xx.152


Is there any way to exclude certain range of IPs, within the IP range defined for ENC ?




There is no possibility to exclude some IP Address or range of IP Address from ENC IP Range configuration.

In above example, it is possible to reduce the ENC range from to Using this range the maximum number of host will be 65534.


Below is an extract from GreenBook indicating that the ENC can be configured to use any range between to and the command that can be used for doing it.

IP Range Considerations

ENC maintains and distributes a range of IP addresses from to (by default) and can be configured to use any range between to Verify that the network IP of the physical NIC connections on computers with ENC installed do not fall into the range that is assigned to ENC for distribution. If this conflict occurs, there can be communication issues, possible stack corruption, and crashes. This situation can potentially render CA ITCM nonfunctional until ENC is disabled, the ENC IP ranges are changed, or computer subnets are changed.


Use the following commands to display the currently assigned start and end IP addresses for ENC:

 ccnfcmda -cmd getparametervalue -ps itrm/common/enc/server -pn startIP

 ccnfcmda -cmd getparametervalue -ps itrm/common/enc/server -pn endIP


If you need to change this range, use commands similar to the following examples:

 ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/common/enc/server -pn startIP -v

 ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/common/enc/server -pn endIP -v


to update ENC configuration with the changes done, execute the following update command:

encutilcmd updateconfig




Additional Information:

An idea was opened on Communities in order to ask the possibility to exclude some IP address :




Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence