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After applying Maintenance for Web Viewer 12.1, the build number remains the same.


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Output Management Web Viewer


After applying Maintenance for Output Management Web Viewer 12.1, the build number remains the same.

The log for the install of the maintenance, located in the CA_OM_Web_Viewer/uninstaller/Logs directory showed the following error:  

ERROR - build.xml:114: Error while expanding /tmp/629488.tmp/CAOMWebViewer12.war EDC5133I No space left on device.



Release: Output Management-Web Viewer 12.1 Linux or USS
Component: wbvluw



There is a lack of temp space ...specifically in the /tmp folder


  1. Manually remove any folders that may be left from the install.
  2. Add a command line argument to define an alternate tmp location for the install.

The System Property you need to set is:

Here is an example:

java -jar CA_OM_WebViewer_12_Updt.jar

where /u/v012345/tmp is your new tmp folder with at least 8 meg of space.