How may the components of Telon release 5.1 be installed?
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How may the components of Telon release 5.1 be installed?


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Telon Application Generator


There are different components of Telon, please give detailed steps on how to install the components. 


Telon Application Generator, release 5.1



In order to get the product, please go under Support Online:. 

  1. Please go under Download Center for the CA Telon Report Generator. 
  2. Please select Products and then specify the product name 'CA Telon Application Generator - MVS' and release '5.1' and gen level '0000'. 
  3. Then please download '511005ER701.pax.Z' to your cart. 
  4. You then may download via the HTTP via Download Manager. 

Once you follow the instructions for downloading the product to your cart, then you will need to follow the instructions of how to install it. There are several links to manuals right above the product components to be downloaded: Pax Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery Guide is one of them. 

Once you have the SAMPJCL library unloaded, then you will specify the FMIDs in the TLN3RECD, TLN4APP, and then accepting via the TLN5ACC.