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SNMPv3 traps not being processed by CA Spectrum's Trap Director


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CA Spectrum


SNMPv3 traps received from devices were not being forwarded by the Trap Director to the correct device models on other SpectroSERVERs. The traps were being dropped even though the configuration looks good and we can see the v3 traps in a sniffer trace.


Release: Spectrum version 10.3.1 and below


Spectrum requires a unique "User ID" associated with the SNMPv3 profiles. If the same User ID is used for multiple SNMPv3 profiles, Trap Director cannot forward the traps to the proper model on the MLS due to the conflict of User IDs.


This issue is resolved in Spectrum 10.3.2. 

If you are running version 10.3.1 or prior, please delete the v3 profiles with duplicate usernames:

  1. View existing SNMPv3 profiles by going to Topology > Model Device by IP.

  2. Select SNMPv3 and then click the “Profiles” button

  3. Review each SNMPv3 profile for duplicate User IDs

  4. Determine which User IDs are to be utilized per SNMPv3 profile and verify the same User IDs exist on the models in Spectrum

  5. Remove the profiles containing the duplicate User IDs as needed

  6. Add new SNMPv3 profiles with unique User IDs as needed

  7. Verify the devices modeled in Spectrum are modeled with the correct User ID’s as per the SNMPv3 profiles that are created/edited

Additional Information

NOTE: Spectrum 10.3.2 is End of Support as of October 30, 2020.