Temporary disk space requirements for DE r12 installation
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Temporary disk space requirements for DE r12 installation


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries)


This document explains how the DE r12 installation uses a temporary location to temporarily store files during installation. It details what the space requirements are, which locations it uses and how this can be set to a custom path.

What is the minimum temporary disk space required for a new DE r12 installation?


Release: 12.x
Component: Workload Automation DE, Workload Automation DE Web Client (UNIX and Linux)


By default, DE r12 uses /tmp to store files temporarily during installation. The minimum amount of available space required is 2GB.

If /tmp does not have enough space during installation, the installer will attempt to use the current install user’s home directory instead. If there is still insufficient space available the installer will exit and state how much more space is required under the user home directory:

Preparing to install…
WARNING: /tmp does not have enough disk space!
Attempting to use /home/<user> for install base and tmp dir.
WARNING! The amount of /home/<user> disk space required to perform this installation is greater than what is available. Please free up at least <n> kilobytes in /home/<user> and attempt this installation again.


If you wish to set a temporary location other than /tmp or the user’s home directory, you can set and export the IATEMPDIR variable to another path which does have the necessary space.