Snapshot Task completed successfully, but snapshot contains only 2000 users
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Snapshot Task completed successfully, but snapshot contains only 2000 users


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Task completed successfully, but the snapshot contains only 2000 users. Really we have about 4000 users in the user store. 


Identity Manager 14.x


Change the default "maxpagesize" on the directory object from 2000 to a higher value (based on your needs)

To achieve this do the following:

1. Go to immanage console, on the "Directories" menu, locate your CA Directory object Click on it and when looking at it's properties click "Export..." at the bottom of the page.

2. Open the .xml file exported, and when in editing search for the Syntax "maxpagesize=" Note*: If this tag does not exist on your directory object you can set it by adding it to the line similar to this: 

<DirectorySearch maxrows="10000" maxpagesize="<your desired value>" minsortrules="1"/>


<DirectorySearch maxrows="10000" maxpagesize="8000" minsortrules="1"/>

3. Save the file and in immanage console, open that directory object and then click "Update" at the bottom. Click "Next". On the next page Click "Finish" accepting the Warning massage.

4. Post import click "Continue" and "Restart Environments" 

5. Re-run the snapshot task and see it is now completing with all users being captured in it.


If after that the problem still persists, check the following in case you have Virtual Appliance.

From vApp where you have UserStore deployed

- Change to dsa user, only this user has permission to change DSA files

   su - dsa

- Edit the vapp-default.dxc file

   vim /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/config/limits/vapp-default.dxc

- Change the "max-op-size" parameter, from 10000 to a higher value (based on your needs)

- Save the file

- Restart UserStore DSA to the change takes effect

Additional Information

If you want to read more about 'maxpagesize' in relation to IM please see this page on the bookshelf and also search this phrase on the bookshelf search option (for more related topics on that).