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How does one determine how many reports are in online Bundl?


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Our new Bundl Administrator asked how many reports are online in the Bundl system. Can this number be determined by counting the lines in the DPMFVIF file? Is there a report that provides this information?



There are a couple of ways to get a "pretty good idea" of how many reports are online in the Bundl system. But we don't provide a utility that gives you an exact count. 


We ARE able to determine the number of records that are in the DPMFVIF file, however some reports may use control breaks to split out specific sections of a report. This means that there may be multiple VIF records for a single report. Hence, knowing the number of VIF records isn't an exact match to the actual number of reports in the current reports screen. 


You can in deed count the number of lines in the DPMFVIF file by browsing the file through VSAM file editing products such as FileMaster or FileAid. There are a few "SEED" records in the DPMFVIF file but counting the number of lines will give you a good indication of how many VIF records there are in the file. If, when browsing the DPMFVIF file through your VSAM file editor your line number display is on, you don't even have to count the number of lines. Just max down to the bottom of the DPMFVIF file. 


You could also get a count by running the CC50J080 utility job to list off the VIF file entries by uncommenting (removing the asterisk) for only the following three control parameters: 






The output from the CC50J080 utility will list off all of the VIF entries and towards the end of the report, will show you "NUMBER OF RECORDS READ" as well as a "NUMBER OF RECORDS SELECTED" count totals. 


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