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How long will the components filtered as per Monitoring Profile Metric Family filters show up in Monitored Devices Tree View?


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CA Performance Management it is possible to configure Monitoring Profile Filters to determine which device components will be monitored. This way only the monitored components that match with the Filter's criteria being applied will be polled for the associated Metric Family.

The components that does not pass the criteria specified in the Filter will show as ‘Filtered’ under the Status column and 'Not Polled' under the SNMP Poll Rate column of the Monitored Devices Tree View - Polled Metric Families tab - Components table for the related Metric Family.


However in this context, it may be not clear for how long those filtered components will continue to show up in the Monitored Device Tree View.


CAPM 2.7 or above versions


As long as the component is physically present on the device and is filtered in Monitoring Profile, it will stay there and keep showing with status 'Filtered' in the Monitored Devices Tree View.

If the component is removed from the device, it will be changed to 'Not Present' status (previously known as “retired” in old CA PM releases) in the Status column of the Monitored Devices Tree View - Polled Metric Families tab - Components table, indicating that the component no longer exist on the physical device.

Using the “remove not present” script ( that is provided with the Data Aggregator installation, it is possible to remove the 'Not Present' items from the database.

Additional Information

Refer to the following chapters of the CA Performance Management documentation for more details on the remove_not_present_items script:


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