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Quick steps to update eHealth to on Linux.


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CA eHealth



            There is no section in the install guide for eHealth that specifically outlines the steps to update eHealth to on a Linux host. These steps will guide you through that process.

Since no oracle update will be performed, only the eHealth kit will be needed.


            Note, folders used are just suggestions, use your own naming


As with any changes to eHealth, always save your db before you start

nhSaveDb -ascii -p <path to wherever/name.tdb>

Now become root, sudo is not supported under any circumstances:

su -

Enter root password

Copy the media to the install host and unpack it into an empty folder such as /eh_media


cd /eh_media/eHealth


export NH_USER=ehealth; export TZ=EST5EDT; umask 002

<<<replace ehealth with your nh_user, replace EST5EDT with your timezone, if different>>>

./nhCheckInstallPreReqs -noPass

If it needs any rpm’s install them using yum, or have your system admin assist.

./nhCheckInstallPreReqs -noPass

If it comes back clean

cd ..


At first prompt about dvd mount point hit enter

Enter path to extract installplus (this folder will delete itself during cleanup)

Enter path to /eh_media/eHealth

When asked to stop services, say yes (2)

When asked again to stop services say yes (2)

Wait until the install completes.


See if everything is working in your new environment.


Additional Information:

Please use these steps in conjunction with the eHealth install guide.

Here are the directions to access the eHealth documentation:


Component: EHINST