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Slow performance and hung threads messages with WAS errors SILimitExceededException: CWSIC8007E and CWSIK0025E


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Identity Manager tasks get stuck in progress and the following messages appear in the WebSphere logs.

[9/8/16 5:15:18:103 EDT] 00000051 SystemOut O 05:15:18,102 ERROR [ims.RuntimeStatusDetail] CWSIC8007E: An exception was caught from the remote server with Probe Id 3-008-0007. 


Exception: CWSIK0025E: The destination iam_im-RuntimeStatusDetailQueue on messaging engine CAIDM_64-CL-01.000-iam_im-IMSBus is not available because the high limit for the number of messages for this destination has already been reached.. 


WebSphere Application Server only.


The default value of 50,000 for the number of messages allowed in the queue is not sufficient for processing messages. This error implies that the queue point (or remote queue point) for which the application is producing has exceeded its high message threshold. The error can occur for a topic as well.


Increase the high message threshold for the queue point listed in the error message. We recommend doubling the threshold value from 50,000 to 100,000 or higher as needed for JMS to keep up with Identity Manager's processing speed.



Additional Information

Note:  The high message threshold is a WebSphere configuration--please consult your WebSphere administrator or IBM Support for assistance with the resource configuration.