Monitor eHealth Database using UIM


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CA eHealth


When using UIM to monitor the eHealth Oracle database, the error "You need to have SELECT rights on TS$(tablespaces) to run the probe properly" is generated.


The error occurs due to insufficient privileges for the user (eHealth) that you are using in the probe to connect to the database.


Component: EHORA


A database user needs to be created in eHealth Oracle that is used to configure monitoring via UIM.

Connect to the eHealth server and follow these instructions:

  1. Start sqlplus as the sysdba user.
    sqlplus "sys/[email protected]$NH_DB_CONNECT_STRING as sysdba"
  2. Enter the following commands to create a user named nimmon.
    create user nimmon identified by nimmon;
    grant connect to nimmon;
    grant select_catalog_role to nimmon;
    grant select on gv_$sort_segment to nimmon;
    grant select on sys.ts$ to nimmon;
    select * from all_users; - to show all the users with username nimmon
    ALTER USER nimmon IDENTIFIED BY nimmon; - to change the password of nimmon to nimmo
  3. Exit from sqlplus

You can now use nimmon in UIM to access the tables to monitor the Oracle database.