When I Double Click on a Probe I get unable to Reach Controller, Node:/Domain/Hub/Robot/Probe Error Message: Communication Error


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES



Release: UIM 8.x


Using telnet utility on the host where IM is running, test connectivity to controller port on robot. For example:

telnet 48000

If the telnet succeeds:

Check the Messages section in IM for a timeout related to getting the probe configuration. If there is a timeout message, increase  the Probe Request-> Timeout Value in IM Tools from the Options menu. Set the value to a slightly higher value, and retest the failing operation.  Repeat if necessary.

If the telnet fails:

Check to see if there is a firewall between the robot and the machine where IM is running and/or a firewall on the robot host.

If there is any NAT'ing involved, meaning the registered robot IP is not reachable directly but only through a NAT'ed interface, add the following parameters to your robot.cfg file for the robot where you are unable to reach the probes.

robotip_alias = <NAT'ed IP through which Robot can be reached>
robotip = <Robot's Local IP address>

For example:

robotip = <= Local IP of the robot host
robotip_alias = <= NAT'ed IP of robot host


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