Notes on using VISION:Report tables
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Notes on using VISION:Report tables


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There are some aspects to VISION:Report tables that differ from most other products



TABLE handling is documented in the VISION:Report Reference Guide, but some points on max entries are implied rather than specifically stated.






The TABLSPEC command defines table properties and is discussed with associated parameters in the Reference Guide. But please note these key points.


1) Max-entries defines the amount of space in the table but the last entry is intended to be used as the end of table indicator with a content of high values.

So always specify 1 more than the number of entries you want to use as max-entries.


2) When loading the table, you will get an error if you try to write past the max-entry value row, but it is possible to write to the max-entry row itself.

However, if you do, there is no end of table indicator so this is not recommended. Unpredictable results can occur when reading the table if you run off the end depending upon the actions of your code and what is in storage.

There is an example on page 221 of the Reference Guide showing how to check when loading the table.

The example shows how to issue a message if this occurs, but note you can also set the Return Code
by moving a value up to 4095 to VAL46-49 before EOJ (see page 55). 


Additional Information:


VISION:Report Reference Guide


Component: V:RPRT