Java/C# Server Date Too Small
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Java/C# Server Date Too Small


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We have been using SQL Server 2008, but one of our customers is using SQL Server 2005, and they are getting the error below when they update any record. Retrieving and displaying records works successfully.  If we restore the same database to SQL Server 2008, there are no errors.

An unknown error occurred on the requested operation - try again later. The error code is ERR.

The messages on the server side:

[PLEX0048] If SQLException mentioned about "overflow" for Date, Time or TimeStamp field, Configuration file's empty value for Date, Time and TimeStamp may be too small for you database. Client=

Invalid date format Client= 


Windows with SQL Server 


Using an older driver for SQL Server 2005, such as SQL Server or a version of SQL Server Native Client that is older than "11.0" resolves the issue. SQL Server Native Client 11.0 can be used successfully with SQL Server 2008, but not with SQL Server 2005.


Release: ESBPLX99000-7.1-Cool Plex-Extended Support Basic