Update Database Username/password/DSN steps for Advanced Authentication
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Update Database Username/password/DSN steps for Advanced Authentication


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CA Advanced Authentication CA Strong Authentication CA Risk Authentication


What are the changes required for CA Advanced Authentication setup if Database Password or Database Username or Database DSN is changed?


Release: 9.x
Component: AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)

RiskMinder:(Arcot RiskFort)


For Strong Authentication and Risk Authentication:

Database password is stored in encrypted format in ARCOT_HOME/conf/securestore.enc file. This file stores the following encrypted information for connecting to the Strong Auth and Risk Auth database:

Database user name and password (Used by Strong Auth and Risk Auth Server to connect to the database.)

Master key (Used for encrypting the database user name and password that is stored in securestore.enc.)

To add a new database user name, password, or DSN any time after Installation, use the DBUtil tool to perform these tasks.

DBUtil provides multiple options to change or insert new entries, in case of database password change only below command can be used-

 Navigate to the directory ARCOT_HOME/tool/<OS> to locate the DBUtil utility and run the following command


dbutil -pu <key> <value>

For example:

dbutil -pu <AADatabaseDSN> <newPassword>

dbutil -pu <DBUSer> <newPassword>

Note : DSN name is stored in ARCOT_HOME/conf/arcotcommon.ini file under section [arcot/db/primarydb] for Primary Database and under section [arcot/db/backupdb] for backup Database.

Additional Information

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