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How to find a MICF Inquiry in the MICF Catalog


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MICS Resource Management



How do I find a MICF inquiry if I do not know the catalog group?


All CA MICS environments


1.    Go to MWF;2;2 – Database Inquiries

2.    Specify Catalog     ===> ______  (PRIVATE or SHARED)

The PRIVATE catalog contains inquiries created by the user. The SHARED catalog contains inquiries that were delivered by CA or copied from the private catalog to the shared catalog by a MICF administrator.

3.    Specify Catalog Group         ===> *

4.    Enter the first 2,3 or more letters of the inquiry name for Name (subset display) ===>  ___ (For example, Name (subset display) ===> CIC for all inquiries that begin with CIC.)

5.    Press enter for a list of inquiries. If there are no inquiries that match the name subset, “Name Not Found.” Will appear in the upper right of the panel.



Release: MICSAC00200-12.9-MICS-Resource Management-Accounting and Chargeback Opt