AHD03075:Required attribute manager_flag is missing from group member object


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When customer will perform some edition in group member, he receives the error:

AHD03075:Required attribute manager_flag is missing from group member 


This problem occurs when the manager_flag is value NULL in the table instead of '0' or '1'. This may occurs when you load data via pdm_load. 


Service Desk Manager all releases


To fix this behavior, you can change the value NULL to '0' in manager_flag column, using pdm_load. 

To do it, you can do the following procedure: 

IMPORTANT: before continue, please perform a BACKUP of MDB database!

1. Run a pdm_extract on the table: 

>pdm_extract -f "select * from Group_Member where manager_flag is NULL" > grpmem.txt 

This way, you will extract only the rows where the manager_flag is NULL 

2. Notepad the grpmem.txt and replace all the manager_flag value from NULL to 0. 

3. Run pdm_load to change the values: 

>pdm_load -f grpmem.txt -u 

-u is for update only