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DEVTEST REgistry logs using MySQL - locks exceeds the lock table size


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The following error is found in the registry.log or other log files.

java.sql.SQLException: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
Also, data may be missing from reports, agents and/or transactions may not display in the portal, etc.


All supported DevTest platforms.
MySql – All supported versions


The MySql InnoDB buffer pool size has run out of space.


Note: The values below are for reference only, the value needed to solve your issue can vary.

MySql Version 5.7.5 and higher:
1. Open the MySql Command Line Client, MySql Workbench or similar interface.
2.   To view the current value, execute:
     SELECT @@innodb_buffer_pool_size;
3.   Increase this value. Example: to set the value to 786M, execute:
     SET GLOBAL innodb_buffer_pool_size=824633720832;
4.   Retest issue using DevTest.
5.   Repeat steps 2 and 3 until resolved.

MySql Version 5.7.4 and earlier:
Windows File Name – my.ini
Linux File Name = my.cnf

  1. Locate configuration file.
       Windows tip: Open the properties dialog box for the MySql service. The location of the configuration file is specified with the parameter --defaults-file
    2.   Edit the configuration file.
    3.   Search for: innodb_buffer_pool_size
    4.   Increase the value for this property. Example: to set the value to 2 Gig
    5.   Restart the MySql Service.
    6.   Retest issue using DevTest.
    7.   Repeat steps 4-6 until resolved.