Error "Http Status 500" while opening Patch Management console
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Error "Http Status 500" while opening Patch Management console


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Trying to open the UPM Console it might be possible that the error message “Http Status 500” appears. 
At the same time the UPM.log generates entries with failure as below: 

15:13:11,067 [ajp-bio-8020-exec-2] FATAL [] - SQL exception caught. Stack Trace:
15:13:11,067 [ajp-bio-8020-exec-2] FATAL [] - Login failed for user 'winnt://…………………


Patch Management installed on Windows


The error could be related to a mismatch between the upmuser password stored in SQL and password stored in file.
By default the password is p@ssw0rd


1.   Open SQL Management Studio -> Logins -> upmuser

2.   Set default password “p@ssw0rd” (without double quotes)

3.   Save and close the SQL

4. Open the Windows Explorer and browse the directory:


5.   Edit the file entering the below lines:



6. Restart Tomcat service with the below commands:

caf stop tomcat 
caf start tomcat

7. Try to open the UPM Console and verify if it works fine.

Additional Information

Having an Oracle DB the below lines could be found in the UPM.log file

FATAL [] - java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied 

The same resolution steps should be applied as well