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Why the CA Spool Web Interface is unable to start when using z/OS Apache powered IBM HTTP Servers?


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Why the CA Spool Web Interface is unable to start when using z/OS Apache-powered IBM HTTP Servers?


Once the install script is run and during the first attempt to start the z/OS Apache-powered IBM HTTP Server the following message is posted:

FSUM1004 Cannot change to directory </xx/xx/xxx>.

The directory in question is not documented in the HTTP Server JCL nor in the httpd.conf file.


The most common reason is that the path that appears in the FSUM1004 message is defined as the HOME directory of the userid running the HTTP Server Address Space. This definition is located in the Security Package (CA Top Secret, CA ACF2 or IBM RACF) at the OMVS segment definition for the userid.

If the Security Package is IBM RACF, the LU command can be used to validate this information:

LU xxxxx OMVS

- where xxxxx is the name of the userid the HTTP Server is currently using.

The OMVS segment display will look like:

UID= 000000nnnn         
HOME= /xx/xx/xxx

The problem can occur if the directory does not exist or if the userid does not have access to it.


The solution to this problem is to change the value of the HOME attribute in the OMVS segment for a valid directory. This directory must exist and the userid running  the HTTP Server task must have proper access to it. Details on how to modify this attribute must be requested to the Security Package administrator at your site.

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Release: CMASLI00200-11.7-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser