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I am submitting a batch job from CICS but the job fails with message ACF01008 UNAUTHORIZED INPUT SOURCE FOR LOGONID lid


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I am trying to submit a batch job from a CICS region.
The logonid, that the job will run under, has PROGRAM(DFHKETCB) SUBAUTH RESTRICT

The batch job fails with message ACF01008 UNAUTHORIZED INPUT SOURCE FOR LOGONID lid 

Why is this failing?



The SUBAUTH parameter on the logonid record means that the submitting program must be APF authorized.
In this case the submitting program is DFHKETCB.

This is a special situation because DFHKETCB is APF authorised, otherwise CICS would not start,
However, once it starts its task, it internally becomes non-apf authorized.

This means that SUBAUTH cannot be referenced on a logonid if PROGRAM(DFHKETCB) is also referenced. 




Component: ACF2MS