Troubleshooting DRAS and Spool Java Transformers for AFP to PDF files
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Troubleshooting DRAS and Spool Java Transformers for AFP to PDF files


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Output Management Web Viewer


The DRAS and Spool Java Transformer for AFP files setup is not working with Web Viewer 12.1



Release: Web Viewer 12.1
DRAS 14.0
Spool 14.0
Component: wbvluw


  1. Please collect the following documentation and contact BROADCOM Support
  2. CA DRAS STC job output
  3. CA Spool STC job output
  4. CAIQD2E Java Transformer STC job output if any
  5. CA Spool CAIQPARM/ESFPARM parameter deck
  6. CA DRAS STDENV parameter deck
  7. CAIQD2E STDENV parameter deck

2) Enable tracing

    Configure the CA Spool Java Transformer Environment Variables from the supplied DRAS CBY3OPTN member CAHAX2YP in CAI.CBY3OPTN.


    This will cause messages to be written to the JESMSGLG of the DRAS task.  This will require the DRAS task be recycled. Reverse these changes after testing is     completed to avoid excess logging.

  1. From the Web Viewer, select and save the report.  Assuming the report is not 0-bytes, send it to us.
  2. Review the DRAS task for the time frame corresponding to the save action.  Search the JESJOBLG for the name of the report that was saved.  There will be multiple occurrences, look for the one for the transform.  What are the messages?


Additional Information

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