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Is there a way to determine which members of a PDS or PDSE are actively used?


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Is there a way to determine which members of a PDS or PDSE are actively used?



The Last Reference Date Recording facility is useful in determining if a member has been accessed while the Access Statistics Recording facility is useful in determining how often a library is accessed.

If you want to track usage over time, set $ACCESS REF=Y in PDSMINIT for this panel library and watch for last ref date to be set. Every member with a last ref date has been accessed. 


You can use the PDSMAN EZYEDIT facility to display the date that members were last referenced. For more information about EZYEDIT, an ISPF based productivity platform, see the EZYEDIT User Guide.  Last reference dates are shown on the AUDIT alternate view of the EZYEDIT Member List display. Blank entries indicate that the member has not been accessed since recording was implemented.


Note:  The Dynamic BLDL facility ($DYNBLDL) is not a reliable indication of accesses because individual tables and member counts can be automatically reset, so it is not a good choice for addressing this question.


Additional Information:

You have to be licensed for PDSMAN  feature D for $ACCESS REF=Y (LMP keys F3)  ...feature A for $DYNBLDL (LMP FY).

For complete details, refer to "Recording Member Last Reference Dates" in the Member Archiving and Recovery Facilities User Guide.

For more information about EZYEDIT, see the EZYEDIT User Guide. 


Release: PDSMA100200-7.7-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-ONE COMPONENT