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Can you define the CA XCOM XCOMHIST to support VSAM's Extended Format?


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Does the CA XCOM r12 XCOMHIST file support VSAM's Extended Format?


Yes, the CA XCOM r12 XCOMHIST supports VSAM Extended Format. You would need to make sure you define the XCOMHIST cluster using the following statements and attributes:

EATTR(OPT) - Support extended attributes & optionally reside in the EAS
STORCLAS(class) - For SMS-managed data sets                         
DATACLAS(class) - The dataclass for both SMS and non-SMS data sets   
DEF CLUSTER (NAME(vsamhlq.XCOMHIST)       -                         
       KEYS(12 0)                                                          -                         
       EATTR(OPT)                                                       -                         
       STORCLAS(SCEAV)                                          -                         
       DATACLAS(EXTENDED)                                 -                         
       CYLINDERS(10 5)                                              -                         
       RECSZ(8080 8080)                                              -                         
       FSPC(0 0)                                                             -                         
       SHAREOPTIONS(2 3))                                       -                         
    DATA (NAME(vsamhlq.XCOMHIST.DATA)     -                         
       CISZ(8192))                                                         -                         
Note: You must remove the VOLUME(volinfo) statement if using the existing DEFHIST member to create your XCOMHIST file.
Additional Information:
Fix RO89449 was created, which updates the current DEFHIST member to include the above.



Component: XCMVS