Workload Automation AE Agent can run jobs as local users but not LDAP users on LINUX.
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Workload Automation AE Agent can run jobs as local users but not LDAP users on LINUX.


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A Workload Automation AE agent host seem to be able to run jobs as local users without problems.

If an LDAP user is listed as the job owner the job cannot be run, even though the id can

be used to logon to the LINUX host without errors.




Workload Automation AE 11.3.x

Platform - Any Supported LINUX 





Workload Automation AE Agent makes use of system calls like "getpwnam" and "setuid" if the user is local or comes from LDAP.  It relies on the operating system to retrieve the users existence and their details.


It is recommended to investigate the LDAP connections for delays which can result in timeouts.

Some clients have found that the nscd services will cache ldap account information on a host and thus help eliminate timeouts when ldap user information is requested. 


Additional information:


Here is a sample python script one may use to test if operating system calls can retrieve a user's information.




import os

import time

import pwd


userid = os.getuid()

procid = os.getpid()

curdir = os.getcwd()

osname = os.uname()

times = os.times()

curtime = time.time()

timetrans = time.ctime(curtime)

#  change getp to "pwd.getpwuid(<uid>)"

getp = pwd.getpwuid(userid)


print " "

print "System Calls Used"

print "getuid, getpid, getcwd, uname, times, time, ctime, getpwuid"

print "============================ "

print "User id: ",userid

print "ProcID: ",procid

print "Current Working Directory: ",curdir

print "OS info: ",osname

print "Access: ",times

print "Current System Time is: ",curtime

print "     Which translates to:",timetrans

print "etc passwd entry for uid: ",getp

print " "

print "=========================== "


Keep in mind that Workload Automation AE is a 32bit application. The LDAP client and libraries it makes use of should be 32bit.

For more details see The additional technical document TEC1389077



Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option