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How to order Toolbar Display in Child or Parent Function?


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How to order Toolbar Display in Child Function?


How order the Toolbar in an MDI Parent or MDI Child set of functions? The toolbar order is sorted by the Active MDI Child Window first and not the Common Toolbar (Menu Shell) first. If you close the active windows then the Menu Shell toolbar shows on its own then as you open the Child windows the buttons for that toolbar are inserted at the front. Is that how the tool bar works?


An extra Toolbar was added to the MDI Child panel, and it appeared in the Panel Palette ABOVE the Toolbar that was inherited from the Menu Shell. So, when new toolbar buttons were added to the new Toolbar, at run-time, the toolbar buttons on the new Toolbar appeared before the toolbar buttons that were inherited from the Menu Shell panel.


Release: ESBPLX99000-7.1-Cool Plex-Extended Support Basic