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What are the DFHRPL library requirements for CA SymDump CICS r 9.1 when Installing with CA InterTest CICS r 9.1?


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I am installing both CA InterTest CICS  r 9.1 and SymDump CICS r  9.1 in the same CICS region I read in the CA SymDump r 9.1 installation guide that in the DFHRPL CA SymDump CICS r 9.1 needs to be coded above CA InterTest CICS r 9.1. This is different from the current concatenation order where the CA InterTest libraries are above  CA SymDump libraries. Is there a reason for this change and what is the implication if the order is wrong?




The CA SymDump for CICS  r 9.1 documentation is not correct and will be updated. Starting again with Release r 9.1 the placement of the CA Symdump CICS and CA InterTest CICS load libraries in the DFHRPL does not matter when you have separate installs for each product. Since the products are now again at the same release level either load library can be defined first in the DFHRPL.

Historically  CA InterTst and CA SymDump CICS were always at the same release level. r 7.0, r 8.0, r 8.5 and now again r 9.1. 

But CA SymDump CICS r 9.0 was released to add some new functionally. But a corresponding CA InterTest CICS  r 9.0 was not released. So some customers were running configurations of  CA SymDump r 9.0 with  CA InterTest r 8.5 . With this configuration CA SymDump CICS  r9.0 had to be placed BEFORE  CA InterTest R 8.5 in the RPL. Because both products shared COMMON programs the common programs shipped with CA SymDump 9.0 had new functionally. So CA SymDump CICS r 9.0 had to be first in DFHRPL before CA InterTest r 8.5. 


Now that both products are at the SAME level r 9.1 the COMMON programs - COMMON FMIDS are at the same level. So it no longer matters which load library is first in the DFHRPL.


My RPL has






Or you could have











Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch