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When using OS Specific templates (Windows or Unix) when you try to deploy a template VAIM will filter out systems that do not match the selected platform using the OSType value in the database.

This document shows how you can update the aom2 database for systems that were classified with the incorrect OsType value when they were discovered.

It is common when a system is not classified correctly during discovery to be displayed as OSType "OTHER"


Release: SEAUBC99000-12.8-Server Automation-Base Configuration


  • Within the VAIM UI you can see what OSType value is stored for a system by navigating to Explore > Managed > Hostname > Details > Sysedge:

<Please see attached file for image>

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  • Within VAIM each Operating System has a numerical identifier.
  • The following SQL Query will update Host "flabr02-ond1227.ca.com" to OSType 76 which maps to "Microsoft Windows Server 2008"
  • The _HostName value should be populated exactly how it appears within the VAIM UI (case sensitive and fqdn\shortname).
  • The below SQL Query will provide output which shows what number the value has been updated with.
  • Please see the table under the "Additional Information" section of this document for a list of applicable Operating Systems and their corresponding numerical values.

<Please see attached file for image>

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  • Once the database has been updated the following VAIM Services need to be restarted:

1. CA SM Domain Server Service

2. CAAIP Apache Server Service


Additional Information

SQL Query syntax

Note: REPLACE ##OSNUMBER## and ##HOSTNAME## with the correct values.
use aom2
update _CIM_OperatingSystem set _OSType = ##OSNUMBER## where object_id =
select A.object_id from _CIM_OperatingSystem A where A._CSName in
(select B._Name from _CA_ComputerSystem B where B._HostName = '##HOSTNAME##')
use aom2
select _OSType from _CIM_OperatingSystem where object_id =
select A.object_id from _CIM_OperatingSystem A where A._CSName in
(select B._Name from _CA_ComputerSystem B where B._HostName = '##HOSTNAME##')

 Operating System Mappings

0           Unknown

1           Other

8           HPUX

9           AIX

10          MVS

11          OS400

18          WINNT

29          Solaris

30          SunOS

36          LINUX

58          Microsoft Windows 2000

60          OS/390

67          Microsoft Windows XP

69          Microsoft Windows Server 2003

70          Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-Bit

71          Windows XP 64-Bit

72          Windows XP Embedded

73          Microsoft Windows Vista

74          Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit

75          Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service

76          Microsoft Windows Server 2008

77          Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-Bit

78          FreeBSD 64-Bit

79          RedHat Enterprise Linux

80          RedHat Enterprise Linux 64-Bit

81          Solaris 64-Bit

82          SUSE

83          SUSE 64-Bit

95          Debian

96          Debian 64-Bit

103         Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

105         Microsoft Windows 7

106         CentOS 32-Bit

107         CentOS 64-Bit

114         Microsoft Windows 8

115         Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

32769       Unix



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