Wireless Lan Controller (WLC) model alarm in CA Spectrum: "SECONDARY WLC IS NOW ACTIVE"


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CA Spectrum



False "SECONDARY WLC IS NOW ACTIVE" alarms are generating on the secondary WLC even when the primary is still active.



This is due to the high availability (fault tolerant) configuration of the WLC devices.


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.1-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC

Spectrum 10.1


There are two Fault Tolerance cases of WLCs.

Case-1: Access Points will be configured with the WLC active/passive information so that when the primary WLC goes down, the AP will connect to the secondary WLC.  

Case-2: The WLC are configured in AP-SSO(Access Points Stateful Switch Over) mode. In this scenario WLCs acts as pair and communicate via High Available(HA) link with which they are connected. In this case, WLCs will have     primary/secondary mode and active/standby status attributes. When the primary-active WLC is down, secondary-standby WLC will recognize that its pair is down and takes the control as secondary-active.

When WLCs are not in AP-SSO mode, one of the attributes “cRFCfgRedundancyModeDescr” is set to value "SSO". By verifying this attribute, Spectrum assumes that the WLC is operated in AP-SSO mode ("case-2") and it tries to trigger the   corresponding functionality. Since the HA related MIB (CISCO-LWAPP-HA-MIB) is not supported by the device, it behaves unexpectedly and generates the false "SECONDARY WLC IS NOW ACTIVE" alarm.

This issue is tentatively scheduled to be fixed in the CA Spectrum 10.2 release.  CA Spectrum will not generate the alarm if the AP-SSO information is not present from the device.



Additional Information

Spectrum 10.2 is planned to be released second half 2016.