CA Client Automation Configuration and State Management agent (ccsmagt) not starting
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CA Client Automation Configuration and State Management agent (ccsmagt) not starting


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The ‘caf status’ command reports that the Configuration and State Management agent process ‘ccsmagt’ is not started.

In the end of command ‘caf status’, after the list of running services it shows the following message:


These DSM services auto-start but are currently stopped:

[1] Configuration and State Management agent (ccsmagt)”



Client Automation agent all releases for Linux.



The CCSMAGT plugin takes more than 60 seconds (default value for pipeconnecttimeout parameter) to start the run time initialization.

This is due to several delays in CCSMAGT/CcnfAgentApi when reading configuration parameters of up to 25 seconds:

Direct store access timed out.

This is caused by the CCNFAGENT not being able to handle the large number of requests fast enough.

This is largely due to the fact that traces are being run in DETAIL mode.


Check in the ‘/opt/CA/DSM/logs/TRC_CSMAGENT_0.log’ for messages like:

|ccsmagt   |csmtrace |kxd.cpp             |000615|ERROR  | # LoadXmlFile(): *** Document '/opt/CA/DSM/Agent/CCSM/states.xml' is not well formed! ***                  

|ccsmagt   |csmtrace |ccsmagent.cpp       |000803|ERROR  | # LoadConfig() ### Error 40 loading state list '/opt/CA/DSM/Agent/CCSM/states.xml' ###                           

|ccsmagt   |csmtrace |csmdmn.h            |000139|NOTIFY | @ _tmain(): *** Main loop terminated ***                             

|ccsmagt   |csmtrace |ccsmdmn.cpp         |000227|NOTIFY | @ Exit(): *** Application shutdown *** 



To avoid this problem, set the tracelevel of CCNFAGENT always to INFO, even when the generic trace level is set to DETAIL.

In fact, a similar problem might occur for the SM deamon, CFSMSMD.


To achieve this, use:

cftrace -c set -f CF -pp CcnfAgentWorker -l INFO

cftrace -c set -f CF -pp CFSMSMD -l INFO

Temporary Solution:

If the above still doesn't solve the problem, increase the timeout value for the related plugin:

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/caf/plugins/<plugin_name> -pn pipeconnecttimeout -v 90

where plugin_name = ccsmagt | rchost | cfnotify | ..

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/caf/plugins/ccsmagt -pn pipeconnecttimeout -v 90

If this still not works verify in this case 3 xml files in folder /opt/CA/DSM/Agent/CCSM:

-      'ccnfparamrequest.xml'

-      'ccnfreportdelta.xml'

-      'states.xml'

They should not be zeroed. But, if that's the case try to copy from another working machine.


Additional Information:

 If you do not have another client to copy the file from, contact CA Technical Support to request the fix for:






Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence