List of iGateway Error codes after failed installation of iGateway
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List of iGateway Error codes after failed installation of iGateway


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This Document provides a list of the most common error codes that can be received after a failed installation of iGateway. 
These error codes are a great reference to start your investigation, as to what caused this failure.



Return CodeACME Error Message 
-1No Messages 
1Invalid Application ID 
2Invalid License Key 
3License Expired 
4Invalid Unit ID 
18License Not Activated 
19License Already Activated 
20App not Allowed to Insert 
21App not Allowed to Update 
22App not Allowed to Delete 
23File Does Not Exist 
30Rejected - Too Busy 
31Rejected - Timed Out Waiting 
32Rejected - Rogue Client 
999Unspecified Error 
Return Code iGateway (iClient / iSponsor) Error Message 
401 range are http client errors 
500 range are http server errors 
700 range specific for our isponsors 
800 range specific for object manipulation 
820 range specific for searches 
840 range is errors to sponsored backend server 
860 range is password change errors 
400ISE_BADREQUEST - badly formatted request 
401ISE_NEEDCREDENTIALS - need authentication credentials
403ISE_FORBIDDEN - have authentication credentials, but not authorized
404ISE_NOTFOUND - bad method 
408ISE_REQUESTTIMEOUT - request took too long 
409ISE_CONFLICT - resource conflict 
414ISE_REQUESTTOOBIG - request uri too long 
500ISE_SERVERERROR - internal server error 
501 ISE_NOTIMPLEMENTED - beyond server capabilities
502 ISE_SERVICEUNAVAILABLE - unavailable, but try later
503 ISE_OLDCLIENTVERSION - version of iclient unsupported (should NEVER have to use)
504 ISE_REFER - try another server 
701ISE_MEMORY - unable to allocate memory 
702ISE_BADFILTER - bad/wrong filters supplied 
703ISE_TRYAGAIN - non-blocking response to try again later
704ISE_SESSIONTIMEOUT - session timed out 
705 ISE_FATALERROR - sponsor fatal error - serious trouble now
706 ISE_EXCEPTION - sponsor unhandled exception 
801 ISE_NOSUCHOBJECT - no such object exists 
802 ISE_OBJECTEXISTS - object already exists 
803 ISE_BADOBJECT - bad object data 
804ISE_NOSUCHATTRIBUTE - object doesn't have attribute
805 ISE_ATTRIBUTEEXISTS - attribute exists 
806 ISE_BADOBJECTPATH - object path is bad 
807 ISE_BADOBJECTNAME - object name is bad 
808 ISE_BADOBJECTCLASS - bad object class 
809 ISE_NOOBJECTACCESS - no access to object 
810ISE_BADOBJECTOPERATION - bad object operation
811ISE_OBJECTALREADY - object type/value already set
812ISE_UPDATEOBJECT - update to latest object version first
821 ISE_REFINESEARCH - search would return too much data: refine
822 ISE_BADSEARCH - search filters bad 
841 ISE_BACKENDERROR - sponsored back-end server error
842 ISE_BACKENDPROTOCOLERROR - sponsored back-end protocol error
843 ISE_BACKENDAUTHERROR - auth error on sponsored back-end
844 ISE_BACKENDREFERRAL - backend referring to other service
845 ISE_BACKENDRECONNECT - need to reconnect to backend
846 ISE_BACKENDDOWN - backend is down 
860 ISE_PW_TOOSHORT - password too short 
861 ISE_PW_TOOLONG - password too long 
862 ISE_PW_BADMIX - password is bad mix of alpha/numeric
863 ISE_PW_MATCHESID - password matches accountname
864 ISE_PW_TOOSOON - password change too soon 
865 ISE_PW_REUSED - password is reused 
866 ISE_PW_USERLOCKED - user account is locked 
867 ISE_PW_REPETITION - password has too many repeating chars
868 ISE_PW_EXPIRED - password has expired 
999ISE_ERROR_UNKNOWN - should never use this… 
Standard error codes 
0ISP_ERROR_NONE: normal execution 
-1ISP_ERROR_UNKNOWN: an unknown error 
-2ISP_ERROR_BADHOST: iGateway could not be resolved.
-3ISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY: iGateway is unreachable.
-4ISP_ERROR_NOISPONSOR: iGateway could not locate the specified iSponsor.
-5ISP_ERROR_BADISPONSOR: The specified iSponsor could not be loaded.
-6ISP_ERROR_NETERROR: A network error occured. 
-7ISP_ERROR_AUTHENTICATIONERROR:  When a request failed to authenticate.


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