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Are there any restricted characters in warning and prevent message of Software Usage?


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Following characters are restricted in warning and prevent message. 
However, Software Usage can block restricted applications.
 Character  Restriction

If you use $, the message will be garbled. You can use $ with ~ as escape sequence.
ex. Warning1 ~$ Warning2


If you use /?, you will see online help instead of the message. You should not contain /? in warning and prevent message.


If you use <, the message won't be shown.  You should not contain < in warning and prevent message.

 Line Feed

You can input line feed during configuration. After saving, line feed and next sentence will be removed. Only first sentence is effective.


For example:

If warning event is occurred, warning message is not shown despite target application is blocked.
If prevent event is occurred, only [Prevent1] is shown as prevent message.