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Bulk Loader and generic TEWS related checklist


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Unable to get the Bulk Loader Client to work. When executing imbulkloadclient.bat from command line, it fails.


Incorrect / Missing configuration


Identity Manager 14.x


In order to successfully submit the CSV using the Bulk Loader client file you must ensure the following steps have been performed:

  1. Enable Web Services within your environment

  2. Enable Web Services for "Bulk Loader" admin task

  3. Enable Web Services for any task which is to be performed (i.e "Bulk Create User", "Bulk Modify User" etc.)

  4. Ensure fields are identical (case wise) in both CSV and -

    For example note how action and Action are different and represent different fields.

  5. If you are using IM 12.5 SP8 or lower - ensure tasks names are identical (case wise) in both ("actionToTaskMapping" field) and Identity Manager (Please note this refers to Task name rather than Task tag)

    For example:

    actionToTaskMapping=create.Create User;modify.Modify User;delete.Delete User

  6. If you are using IM 12.5 SP9 or later - ensure you are using Task tags in "actionToTaskMapping" field

    For example:


  7. Make sure actionToTaskMapping contains correct mapping (of existing tasks) for all action types.

    Note: Incorrect task, even if not used in the CSV you are trying to process, will fail the validation and therefore the entire Bulk Load process.

  8. Verify the same CSV file can be used with the Bulk Loader Admin Task from Identity Manager

Additional Information

Special instructions for using Bulk Loader in a tokenized environment:

  1. If you are using IM 12.5 SP8 or lower - Create non-localized hidden tasks for all the required tasks (Create Org/User, Modify Org/User, Delete Org/User as copies of the original task) - Make sure to create these as hidden tasks so these would not show up anywhere to any end user but is a task dedicated to the bulk loader.

  2. If you are using IM 12.5 SP9 or later with a tokenized environment - you must be using Task tags in "actionToTaskMapping" field

    For example:


Special instructions for using Bulk Loader with SiteMinder Authentication:

  1. Make sure Identity Manager is functioning correctly with SiteMinder protecting it. Establish a normal login to Identity Manager UI using the browser through the web server port (rather than the usual application server port). If basic integration doesn't work, make sure you fix this before moving forwards with using TEWS and bulk loader client.

  2. Set the isProtectedBySiteMinder variable in the file to true.

  3. Set the serverURL variable in the file to reflect the Web Server / Proxy port rather than the application server port.
  4. Replace the cipher-text password with a plain-text password in the file and save the file.
    Run the following command:
    install-directory\Bulk Loader\bin >  imbulkloadclient.bat -e "..\conf\" -S
    The cipher-text password replaces the plain-text password

  5. Make sure that the SiteMinder user being used for the admin_id is valid and not locked out or disabled

  6. Update Web Services configuration via the Management console Home > Environments > <YOUR_ENVIRONMENT> > Advanced Settings > Web Services to use the Basic Authentication for Site Minder.

  7. Verify SiteMinder domain includes: TEWS realm (protected by same agent as Identity Manager), TEWS rule, TEWS policy (ensure that users tab have users that can authenticate and the rules tab has both realm and rule associated).

  8. Use SiteMinder Test Tool to test the connectivity, protection, authentication and authorization for the /iam/im/TEWS6/<IMEName> realm.