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Service Desk - How to configure and use survey in a Category or Request Area


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The introduction of surveys configured per ticket type in Service Desk Manager (SDM) improved the way surveys are delivered to users, as it allows a formatted notification to be delivered as well as reduced effort on configuring it as previously it was necessary to configure it only per Request Area/Category.

However, eventually, there is the need to have specific Surveys sent by Request Area/Category.

This document explains how to configure it and how this mechanism works.


Service Desk Manager 17.3

All Supported Operating Systems


In an environment where surveys are configured for ticket type (see Additional Information section for reference), if you need to have surveys sent by specific Request Areas or Categories, you should simply add the Survey Template to the Request Area or Category definition:

SDM will check for any Survey configuration in the Request Area/Category of a ticket.

If one exists, then it will be used.  If none exists, SDM will then use the default one set for the ticket type.

Additional Information

How to Configure Surveys